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Here’s what previous webinar participants have said:

“Thank you Una, great and useful presentation as always. :-)”

Daniela O. 01/05/2017

“Congratulations for these series [of webinars]. They’ve been really helpful and I think that the focus and contents have been extraordinarily well thought. Keep on┬áthe good work and thank you so much!”

Monica G.M. 27/07/17

“First of all, congrats! The Webinar was great […] and I sure believe all the tips and the list of software that Una had for us will be helpful to all who attended, from the least experienced to the ones who are in business for a longer time, like myself.”

Tania M. 09/03/17

“Excellent and very useful webinar! It’s not easy to set rates when you’ve just started out as a translator. But I will now try to figure out what to charge with help of the handouts.”

Ulrika S. 27/04/17